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Make the time

My dad called yesterday. He never used to call, but now he calls all the time. He got a new flip phone, so I guess he thinks more about calling now.

Anyway, my dad is a church pastor. He’s never really understood what I do, but in the last couple of years, he’s been asking a lot of questions about my job. Lately, he’s decided that he and I have similar jobs - we both teach people things, so he calls sometimes to chat about “our people.” Yesterday, he called to ask if I ever remind “my people” to rest.

“Do you ever remind them it's not just about work?” he asked. “Do you tell them that life isn’t just about making money? Do you tell them they also have to do things that make them smile?”

I told him that yes, I do. But why is this so important to him today that he called to tell me?

Dad told me that he’s been counseling a man who has a super successful business, but he hasn’t laughed in 60 years. He’s rich, but he hasn’t said “I love you” in 60 years. Literally, they’ve been working on practicing saying I love you out loud, and it’s bringing the man to tears, it’s so hard for him.

“Just make sure you tell them,” Dad said. “Tell them to make the time. To say I love you. To laugh. It’s important. It’s more important than business.”

I promised him I’d tell my people.


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