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We live in an age of never-ending marketing content creation. It seems that every time we turn around, we have to be writing something to put somewhere. Yesterday, I wrote a cheeky Facebook post about Realtors and their struggle with social media. Specifically, how they struggle to post more than just listings and open houses. And y'all, the struggle is real. But the truth is, we can do better. And we should. As I stated in my Facebook post, the greatest responsibility and privilege we have as marketers (and Realtors) is to teach our customers something they don't know. We are in the education business. So, here is a head start.

20 things to post about (that aren't listings)

1. Stats - days on market, average price per bed/bath, why sells for more and why, the value of a pool, number of sales by price range, seasonal spikes in activity, etc.

2. Comps - number of similarly priced homes on the market now, number of single family homes sold in the neighbourhood this year, how do I accurately compare my home to others?

3. Home reno information - what features actually bring value? Which don't? What would an appraiser look at? What are buyers looking for? What doesn't bring any value at all?

4. Community info - attend a town meeting. What are the concerns? What are the growth plans? What do the residents need to know about the city budget?

5. What the seller loves most - tell the story from their perspective. What do they love most about living there? What will they miss most?

6. Tale of two listings - everyone has different tastes. Compare and contrast two very different properties in the same price range. Think of it as A/B testing. Get people talking about why they are attracted to one over the other.

7. High vs. low - Create a case study of the highest priced sale vs. the lowest priced sale in the neighbourhood this year. Why did one sell for more? Why did one sell for less? (Stop offering a "free market analysis" and start showing them how you create one!)

8. Street names - where did they come from? What is the history behind them? Who are they named after. Dig a little.

9. What to do within 5 blocks / 5 miles / 3 kms - paint a picture of what it would be like to live there. What kinds of stuff will I find to do within a short distance of that listing?

10. Three places to eat within a 3 mile / km radius - it's Friday night, and I just want some takeout, or a patio, or a nice restaurant. Tell me what my options are if I live there.

11. Dog parks - don't forget the 4-legged family members... where will they hang out if the family lives there? Map out the pet friendly options for them.

12. Splash pads, beaches and pools - are there any nearby, where are they, which ones are the best, and when are they open?

13. I scream, you scream - where is the best place to get ice cream nearby? What is the most popular flavour there? (It's likely you'll have to do a site visit on this one. Just to be sure.)

14. Farmers markets - where are the nearest ones? What is the website where I can find them? What is in season right now?

15. Coffee - What is the best / funkiest coffee shop in town? Where is the nearest one? Which one makes the best coffee? How many are within a 5 minute radius?

16. Ten things to clean up - where to start decluttering if you are going to move. Closets, drawers, pantry, fridge, book shelves, counter tops, garage, entry way, walls, porch.

17. Schools - where to find school info, which ones are nearby, what are their websites, do they have sports teams or community events?

18. Libraries - where are they, what are their hours, what amenities do they have, do they offer community events?

19. Random facts about the neighbourhood. What might I not know? (Fun fact: in my community, you can have up to 3 chickens per residential house, if you have a full fenced yard. No roosters allowed.)

20. 24 hours - what is nearby that is open 24 hours? Where can I get that last minute science project stuff or a emergency brownie mix at 2am? These things are important.

See how you can talk about your listings, but not JUST talk about your listings? It's about putting yourself in the shoes of your customers and thinking - what do they really care about. Give them something they can't find on every other website, and you will be bringing more value than every other Realtor. You can do better.

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