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The 3 Most Powerful Words

I was reading an article this week, and a single point stood out to me like a lightening bolt. The three most POWERFUL words you can use in your marketing are: YOU, BECAUSE, & NOW.

YOU - It's about what matters to your audience, not about what matters to you. So much of our messaging is based on what is important to us, but truly effective messaging is not about us, it's about them.

BECAUSE - This is the why, the entire reason why they care at all about what you are saying, selling, or delivering. Because moves your message from "look at me!" to "let me help you!"

NOW - It's has to be something that is timely and relevant, and important to them at this very moment.

Does your marketing include these elements? I challenge you to look at it today, before you hit post, click send, drop it in the mail, or leave it on a doorstep. Does your message speak to your audience, or does it only talk about you?

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