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Valerie Garcia


About Me

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It’s been said that learning is 5% information and 95% encouragement. I agree. 


I am an international speaker and consultant who works with entrepreneurs and businesses to help them grow and improve.
Focusing on the importance of leading with joy, marketing like a human, and growth in the midst of change, I am known for delivering encouragement and truth with my signature straightforward style and sense of humor.


I have worked with brands such as RE/MAX, Sotheby's, Century 21, and Berkshire Hathaway, led leadership workshops for Duke University, Carnegie, and Rotary International, and consulted with clients in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. With over 20 years of experience inspiring, motivating, and educating sales and marketing professionals, my audiences are challenged to question the traditional methods of marketing and find new ways to connect with their customers.


I love helping risk-takers and doers create things that matter. How can I encourage you or your team?


Don't host another mediocre company meeting, networking event, or industry conference. You need a motivational workshop with real takeaways and a dynamic keynote that leaves your attendees with both a smile and a list of next steps.


Having spoken to professionals & entrepreneurs all over the world, I know that the delivery is as important as the message. I use both creative storytelling and actual nuts-and-bolts content to ensure that the audience truly enjoys the learning process. But most importantly, they leave ready to turn strategies into action.


Keynotes & Topics

Custom presentations or workshops also available.

Good Grief, Charlie Brown

This mainstage, motivational keynote explores the life and leadership lessons we aren’t talking about - (and why we should.) Perfect for all audiences, this session encourages attendees to get real, get personal, and get better.


Why do people really buy anything? Whether you sell houses, ideas, education, belonging, shoes, sheets, or thumbtacks - the answer is always the same. In this session, we take a look at the data and science behind what motivates our customers, and what that means for our business. You’ll never think about selling (or buying) the same way again.

Business as Unusual

The world has changed, and it’s not enough to conduct business as usual. Get the stats and consumer research you need to create marketing and messaging that works for today's audience. This session will deliver scripts, templates, and tactics that you can start using immediately. You’ll look at the ways you interact with your clients through a whole new lens… and start creating an Unusual business.


You are a Weirdo

This session takes you on a journey to discover why it’s not enough to be better than your competition. You'll hear stories of some of history's most amazing outliers and odd ducks, and uncover why embracing our weird is an awesome way to do business.


The Future of Sales

What do electric cars, dry cleaning, cookware, and vending machines have to do with you? A fascinating look at the ways global technology trends are impacting your customers, and how your business can prepare now for the future.


Between Balance & Burnout

Despite what it may feel like, it is possible to have a healthy balance between work and personal life. You actually can be happier and more productive. We’ll look at the truth and myths behind the idea of balance, talk honestly about the areas in which we all struggle, and learn new ways to find joy in both career and life.

Lead with Joy

The very definition of leadership is to be the first in line to try something new. In times of change, leadership can be extra challenging. Not everything always goes to plan. Hear leadership lessons you can use when life goes sideways, and how you can learn to lead more joyfully.


Looking for a hands-on session that takes you from start to finish?
Maybe your group retreat needs a fresh update?


I love getting the chance to roll up our sleeves and really accomplish something. Often, a keynote or breakout just isn't enough time to really dig in. That's what makes workshops so special. Your group can attack a challenge head-on and see real results. 


I offer workshops on topics like business planning, storytelling, time & money management, creative marketing, and personal branding.  Click the link below to see details!



Check out my latest resources, available for purchase or free download. Check back often for new stuff!






Starting a project can be daunting.
Sometimes you just need a little help.


Are you building a training program?

Writing a handbook or curriculum? 

Updating your online presence?

Creating a marketing strategy for your business?

Writing a keynote or wanting to become a better speaker?


Whether your project is large or small, I can help you bring it to life.

Click the link below and let's discuss your plans.




Valerie never disappoints. Regardless of the topics, her presentations are always from an honest place with a fresh new perspective that people need to hear. Valerie understands salespeople's needs, their clients, and the end goal. She presents in a way that is engaging to all, regardless of experience, which is a feat in itself. We have been fortunate to partner with Valerie on many occasions over the past few years, utilizing her expertise and insight for Professional Development Webinars, Leadership Trainings, and as a Keynote Speaker. Our members always share an outpouring of positive feedback after each session; which is just one of the many reasons we continue working with Valerie again and again. 

Whitney McNamara,
education programs director, cciaor

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