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I grew up in a town so small you could pass through it without seeing it. I often dreamed of seeing the world, creating amazing things, and meeting people with fascinating stories. More than anything, I wanted to become a writer of inspirational words, and a teacher who encourages others to soar. 


A twenty-year career has provided me with a patchwork quilt of experience in leadership, teaching, training, writing, and public speaking. I am truthy and curious, sarcastic and fun. I have learned that we'll never be perfectly ready to launch that big idea. Often we simply need to jump scared. 


I am a speaker, consultant, and encourager who works with entrepreneurs and businesses to help them grow, improve and overcome fear. I believe that bravery and storytelling can change the way we do business, the way we communicate with our customers and make us happier people. 


I have lived in 4 countries, traveled to 40 more, and worked with some of the biggest names in corporate Real Estate. I love helping risk takers, speakers, servers, and dreamers create things that matter. I have a passion for education and I believe everyone can learn to love learning.  


Are you looking for a dynamic speaker for your company meeting, association event, or industry conference? Would you like a motivational workshop with real takeaways? Do you need a keynote or breakout session that leaves your attendees with both a smile and list of goals?


Having spoken to professionals & entrepreneurs from over 30 countries, I know that the delivery is as important as the message. I use both creative storytelling and actual nuts-and-bolts content to ensure that the audience truly enjoys the learning process. 


Keynotes & Topics

These are some of my most popular keynotes. Do you have a topic or theme in mind?

I can custom design a presentation or workshop specifically for your audience.

You are a Weirdo 
We are taught early on that we beat our competition by being better, but what if we have been taught wrong all along? This session takes you on a journey to discover why different is actually better than better. You'll hear stories of some of history's most amazing outliers and odd ducks, and uncover why embracing our weird is an awesome way to do business. 


Today is Not a Pajama Day  
The idea of being your own boss is awesome, but the reality of running your own business may be a little different than you imagined. This session delivers some tough love and actionable advice for entrepreneurs and independent contractors who are learning to manage their time, money, marketing, and sanity in the crazy world of self-employment.


Real Estate in 2024
What do electric cars, dry cleaning, robots, and vending machines have to do with the way your customers are searching for you? Join me for a fun and fascinating look at the ways global technology trends are impacting the Real Estate industry. Learn ways your business can adapt to change and prepare for the future.


Pants on Fire: Buyers are Liars and Other Real Estate Myths
You have probably heard the expression, "buyers are liars," but have you ever stopped to question the real reasons why your customers lie? In this session, we'll take a look at some of the most common myths in the industry, and what the truth tells us about customer service, competition, and relationships.


Dragons, Determination & the Dark Ages
Do you ever look back at your goals or business plan and think, what the heck happened? Are you ready to pull up your socks and make a real difference in your life and your business? Join me for a straight-shooting look at some of life's toughest lessons, and how you can apply them to your business. Be prepared to be motivated to get up, dust yourself off, and make your goals a reality.

Other topics:

Flintstones vs Jetsons - Applying the Basics in a Modern World
Say What? - Creating Marketing that Matters

Don't Drip on Me - Effective Database Marketing

Building a Successful Training Program 
Time Management for Leaders 


Looking for a hands-on session that takes you from start to finish? 


I love getting the chance to roll up our sleeves and really accomplish something. Often, a keynote or breakout just isn't enough time to really dig in. That's what makes workshops so special. Your group can attack a challenge head on and see real results. 


I offer workshops on tough topics like business planning, storytelling, time & money management, creative marketing, and purposeful growth.  Click the link below to see details!



Check out my latest resources, available for purchase or download. 

Catch a recorded webinar, watch some video training, or sign up for live

sessions. Check in often for new stuff!

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Starting a project can be daunting. Sometimes you just need a little help.


Launching a website? Building a training program?

Writing a handbook or policy manual? 

Putting together a conference or event?

Giving your corporate or personal online presence a facelift?

Creating a content marketing strategy for your business?

Writing a keynote or wanting to become a better speaker?


Whether your project is large or small, I can help you make your goals a reality.

Click "Let's Chat!" at the top of this page to schedule a call, or click the link below.



"Valerie possesses the rare combination of deep industry knowledge, excellent delivery skills, and a genuine concern for her students’ success. She is incredibly passionate about the real estate industry and has amassed a deep knowledge of the technology that powers the industry, including staying on top of the latest innovations. Valerie works hard to ensure that the training she gives provides meaningful value to those who attend while at the same time is engaging and thought-provoking. I’ve had the great pleasure to get to know and work with Valerie and believe she’s one of the best trainers out there!"

glenn Shimkus,
Advisory Board at DocuSign & Executive Advisor at Relativity

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