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From a Distance: online teaching tips

Watch video replay of this session HERE.

When we can't physically be with our people, but we still have to deliver information, online and virtual training, meetings, and classes are a great option. If you aren't used to providing content this way, it can feel a little intimidating. Don't worry! It can take a little practice, but you can totally do this.

In this session, I share eight tips for better online and virtual training sessions or meetings. I'll explain how to adjust your live materials to work online, which tools are available, how to handle q&a, what the most important prep & follow up steps are, and much more.

I hope it helps you create and deliver more educational and engaging virtual session.

To download a copy of the notes from this session, click HERE.

(And if you need help creating or delivering sessions virtually, let me know! I can help.)

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