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It doesn't have to be junk mail.

I got this email yesterday.

IKEA family club, email marketing

Normally, I wouldn't read this kind of stuff. In fact, normally, I would probably swipe left on it and put it straight into the trash without opening it. (You know you do that too.) However, I read this one. And then I read it again. And then I took a screen shot and had to share it with all of you. Because y'all - this is a good email. It's super well done, and there are some legit lessons to be learned here. Let's take a look.

First, this email is about something that traditionally, no one cares about: terms & conditions. When was the last time you read those? Like, never. But this email gives me the two big changes up front. Right there... HEJ VAL, look at this. Two things.

Then, they start with the good. For every $100 I spend, I get $10. (Have you ever spent less than $100 at IKEA? Nope.) So, yay! Good news right up front! This is valuable to me.

Next, they give me the bad news. Instead of a 3 year return policy, I only have a year. But they give me the bad news in a humorous way. (As it turns out, it usually doesn't take 3 years to decide!) Also, 3 years seems like a crazy long time, when you put it that way.

Lastly, they give me a call to action that isn't boring. That button doesn't say "click here."


Make the boring stuff seem fun.

Get to the point quickly.

Start with the value right away.

Make bad news make sense.

Tell me what to do next.

These lessons work for pretty much every kind of marketing. If we follow them, I am guessing less people will be swiping left on our stuff. Food for thought.

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