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Summer marketing cheat sheet

The first long weekend has passed and it's officially the start of summer! Hooray! Tis the season for cooking outdoors, family vacations and swimming pools. It's also a perfect time to shake up your marketing and have a little fun. Newsflash, your people are tired of the same old flyers and postcards that everyone else is sending. (And if you are including a life sized headshot with the double thumbs up pose, your people are especially sick of that. Trust me on this one.) Stuck for ideas? Need some fresh new topics to include on your blog, in your videos and newsletters, or on those door hanger thingys you hand out? I've got you covered with this handy summer marketing cheat sheet.

15 Things to Talk to Your People about this Summer

1. Summer camps. Where are they? What are the options locally? Whether its day camp, sleep away camp, or even afternoon activities at your local community centre - your people are probably going to want to send those kids away at some point, so do the homework for them.

2. Places to camp or hike within an hour drive. Where are the best places to pop away to for some time in nature? (And hey, hotels with air conditioning and a pool might be your idea of camping, so maybe include a few of those too!)

3. Garden centres. Where are the best ones? What's in season? Do they offer classes or consultants? Where do we go for the best advice and the prettiest window boxes?

4. Library reading programs. Remember the best thing about being a kid in the summer? That personal pan pizza coupon you got after reading 12 books, amiright?! (Ok, maybe that was just me.) But hey, summer reading programs aren't just for kids! Your public library is a great place to go for all kinds of fun summer activities. (And for a little peace and quiet.)

5. Fireworks. Where is the best place to go for a great view? Which locations are the most kid or pet friendly? Dish.

6. Swim & splash. Where are the best local swimming holes, pools, splash pads or water parks? What the parking situation, and what days of the week are the best to go?

7. Dogs. We love 'em. Where are the best dog friendly parks, beaches, and patios?

8. Ice cream. The essential summer staple. Where is the best mom n pop shop in town? Where can we find the truck in the evenings? (Hint, some towns have an app for that!) Which local joints have the most flavours? Your people will love you for this one.

9. Patios. It's not summer without a little patio sitting and cold beverage sipping. Where are the best patios in town? Do you need reservations? What time is happy hour?

10. Yard sales. Ahh, the good old fashioned yard sale. Someone's trash is another person's treasure! It's a great opportunity to declutter, but putting on a yard sale can be stressful. Perfect chance for you to share your top tips for a great result. Where do I advertise? Best place to find signs? Are there block sales I can get in on?

11. Farmers markets. My personal favourite part of summer. Where are they? What's in season? Where are the yummiest and freshest and most local fruits and veggies?

12. Outdoor movies & concerts. My hood has outdoor movies on a big screen in the town square on Fridays. Save your people the hassle of googling those things and give 'em a list of all the best drive-ins, outdoor flicks and concerts in the park.

13. BBQ care. It's not summer without a little grilled goodness. Share some tips for keeping your BBQ in top shape and who to call if you need maintenance or a check up.

14. Home maintenance. It's the best time of year to do those DIY projects! Now's the time to give them a heads up on caulking, paint touch up, AC maintenance, and fence fixing. A few hours of sweat equity can bring a whole lot of reward if they are planning to sell in the fall.

15. Volunteer. Last, but certainly not least - where can they get involved? Community events are almost always seeking volunteers and it's a fab way to give back and participate. What are some of the best ways to chip in this summer? Remember - it's not just about being "top of mind." Marketing is about helping and delighting your people. I hope this list inspires you to reach out this summer with fresh perspective!

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