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April 2, 2020

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Going The Extra Mile

December 12, 2017

Every year some media outlet inevitably rounds up the worst faux pas of the social media world and writes some witty blog post about the downfall of a big brand. This is not that post.  Instead, I'd like to share a few examples of times that brands got it right this year. And before you go thinking that this is going to be boring, trust me, there is still a lot to be learned from when brands get it right. Here are a few of those lessons. 


5 Lessons Real Estate Agents can Learn From Big Brands in 2017


1 First, let's start with a brand that everyone loves to hate: McDonald's. Say what you will about their food, they are usually right on the money with marketing. And then, at 1AM on November 24th, this happened:

Yep, that's right. Some poor social media manager woke up that day and we can only imagine they freaked out completely, realizing that they had forgotten to complete that all important Black Friday tweet. And yet... rather than delete it, they rolled with it. And as you can see, it it received more likes and retweets than most of us will ever get on our stuff. Like, ever. Why? Because people not only love to laugh, they love to cheer on an underdog. And that day, some faceless person that had made a mistake was cheered on by thousands. And McDonalds responded with humour, saying this is what happens "when you tweet without your McCafe...."  What can we learn from this? Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself. Everything doesn't have to be perfect all the time. It's ok to let your humanity show in the work you do. 

2 Sticking with the fast food theme, did you see the epic KFC event that went down on social this year? Because, y'all. It was a sight to behold. Here's what happened. On October 19th, a guy named Mike Edgette, in Sioux Falls, SD, noticed something interesting about KFC's twitter account.