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Time to Stop Falling Back

It's that time of year again... the time when all the Realtors in the land remind us to change our clocks. I am not sure how this tradition started, but I am here to suggest something revolutionary. Maybe it's time to stop falling back on our old content habits. No more of these cheesy pictures of clocks with cheery "Fall Back!" messages. Y'all, we can do better. To help you break the fall back habit, here are some things you can write / video / post / talk about this fall with your people.

15 Things to talk about instead of the time change this fall

1. Home maintenance reminders. Tell them why it's important to change your furnace & AC filters, and how often.

2. Remind them that it's not enough to change the batteries in your smoke detectors... check that they are working too! And if you don't have a Carbon Monoxide detector, get one of those too.

3. Fall is a great time to vacuum out dryer vents, both inside and outside the house. And vacuum all the dust from around your furnace and hot water heater too. These are common causes of house fires.

4. Back it up. Take that extra hour and run backups on your electronic devices. Back up photos and important documents on external hard drives.

5. Go outside! Tis the season for fall fairs, farmers markets, and pumpkin patches. Where are the best ones in your neighbourhood?

6. Lawn maintenance. It might not be their favourite thing, but this is a great time to clean out those flower beds, plant bulbs, and fertilize the lawn.

7. Clean out the BBQ. I love using it all winter, but it's far less fun to clean when it's cold out. Do that now.

8. Don't forget the garage. Remove all grass seed, bird seed, or other critter attracting stuff. This is the time of year those little unwanted guests go looking for a cozy place to hang out.

9. It's fire season! Time to schedule chimney and duct cleaning maintenance.

10. Help a neighbour. This is the time of year that many local food banks, meal delivery, and volunteer organizers need more hands. Make a list of some of the ways to get involved.

11. Take some cheer on the road. Are there care facilities in your area that accept flowers? Everyone loves a little fall beauty. Consider sharing those options with your people.

12. Coffee. As the weather cools, humans go into "snuggle and sip" mode. Now is a great time to invite folks to meet for a coffee, or to share the best places in your hood to get a great cuppa.

13. Think spring! It might seem early, but if you have folks who are going to be listing in the spring, now is a great time to start thinking about those projects that have to get done first. Why not send a list of your preferred tradespeople who can help?

14. Coats. Many of us take for granted the ability to put a coat on when it gets chilly. A list of the shelters and organizations in your community that take donations for those who need coats and winter wear is a timely reminder.

15. Food. The days are going to get shorter and darker fast. A reminder of some of the best takeout restaurants and meal delivery services in your hood will help with the return to those early evening blues.

You can do this, y'all! You can break the habit of "fall back content." Have some fun with it, be creative, and go the extra mile. Your audience will appreciate it.

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