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Simplify the message

I have been speaking about content a lot lately. It strikes me that our view of marketing content and messaging is often backwards, which is directly reflected in our calls to action.

We spend a lot of time trying to push people into doing something with our marketing. "Go here, do this, call me, like me on Facebook, visit my website, visit my open house, click the link, do do do do do."

What if, instead, we spent more time trying to pull our audience towards value and information? "I can help you, here's more information, let me teach you something you don't know, this is something you might find interesting, let me help you."

Marketing isn't about coercing someone to do something. It's about giving them the information they need so they can choose what is right for them. When a customer has a choice between cupcakes and no cupcakes, they are going to choose cupcakes all day long. They don't need to be pushed.

Simplify the message. Stop pushing.

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