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Can You Put Neosporin On A Cat'S Eye

Cats will often have conjunctivitis associated with upper respiratory diseases or other viral infections. I would just use a warm damp cloth to clean the area around his eyes and you can use eye wash (saline) to clean the eyes.. But don't apply medication not made for use in eyes as they may contain some ingredients that can be harmful. Neosporin on Cats Here’s Why You Shouldn ’t Use Neosporin On Cats. There is an antioxidant called Polymyxin B in Neosporin that is linked to anaphylaxis and death in cats.

Keep in mind that medicines that work on. PEOPLE do not put Neosporin in their eyes! Most doctors recommend staying away from Neosporin even for the skin. This is a topical ointment NOT to be used in the eyes. You can cause complications including death if you do this! TAKE YOUR CAT TO THE VET! NOW! Your ignorance could blind or kill your cat. Quora is NEVER the place for medical advice. EVER.

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