OREA REALiTY 2020 Recap

Writers note: I am a dual Canadian/American citizen. My work and life is split between the two countries, but I have lived in Canada almost all of my adult life, and I am proud to call it the home of my heart. I am writing this for both Americans and Canadians, so bear with me if some of this seems obvious or repetitive. This week, I attended the OREA REALiTY 2020 event in Niagara Falls, hosted by the Ontario Real Estate Association. Canada doesn’t typically see these types of events. There are some provincial association events, some brand events, and a few events put on by various other local boards. But this event was different. OREA’s goal with REALiTY was to create “Canada’s most forwar

It doesn't have to be junk mail.

I got this email yesterday. Normally, I wouldn't read this kind of stuff. In fact, normally, I would probably swipe left on it and put it straight into the trash without opening it. (You know you do that too.) However, I read this one. And then I read it again. And then I took a screen shot and had to share it with all of you. Because y'all - this is a good email. It's super well done, and there are some legit lessons to be learned here. Let's take a look. First, this email is about something that traditionally, no one cares about: terms & conditions. When was the last time you read those? Like, never. But this email gives me the two big changes up front. Right there... HEJ VAL, look at this

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