Why do you care?

Several times this year, I have taken a stand for women and diversity, in print, on stage, and in leadership. My opinions, and my choice to stand firm on this mountain have been met with mixed reviews, and a lot of questions. I have been asked, “What are you doing? Don’t you know that people won’t hire you if you are too opinionated?” I have also been asked, “Aren’t there more important things to focus on?” But the most common question I have been asked is, “Why do you care?” I’d like to take a few minutes and answer that question. I grew up poor. Really, really poor. Take your idea of poor and then subtract stuff. For a few years we didn’t have running water. More than once I can remember

Going The Extra Mile

Every year some media outlet inevitably rounds up the worst faux pas of the social media world and writes some witty blog post about the downfall of a big brand. This is not that post. Instead, I'd like to share a few examples of times that brands got it right this year. And before you go thinking that this is going to be boring, trust me, there is still a lot to be learned from when brands get it right. Here are a few of those lessons. 5 Lessons Real Estate Agents can Learn From Big Brands in 2017 1 First, let's start with a brand that everyone loves to hate: McDonald's. Say what you will about their food, they are usually right on the money with marketing. And then, at 1AM on November 24t

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