You can do better

Realtors struggle with posting more then just listings and open houses. But we can do better. Here are 20 ways to start writing better conte

Words of Wisdom from WomanUP 2017

Last week I had the privilege of speaking at the inaugural WomanUP event, hosted by the California Association of REALTORS. It was a full day of non-stop truth bombs, killer advice, and blatant motivation. Attended by over 300 women (and a handful of brave and amazing men), this event spoke directly to the Real Estate with a loud and clear message: we need more female leadership. Here are some of the messages and takeaways that stood out to me: In her opening remarks, Leslie Appleton Young (who is one of the wisest and most amazing leaders in her own right,) started out by saying, "I've been going to man-up conferences for 30 years. It's time we make the tent bigger. It's tone deaf when the

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